New Year, New Me. Sorta


Happy New Year! A new year is exciting!  Mostly due to good friends, fondue and hangovers. But it also comes with a blank slate for expectations and resolutions. I suck at resolutions. I’ve only kept one ever, and that was the year I swore off stealing music off the internet. So usually I don’t make any resolutions that I don’t feel that I have any hope in hell of keeping.

We went away for a couple days to spend New Years with good friends.  Yesterday while sitting by a bonfire watching the kids toboggan down that little hill for the 47 thousandth time, my girlfriend and I started talking about resolutions.  With beer in hand my dearest and oldest friend proclaims, “I am going to get into the BEST shape of my life”  (crickets)  I hold my Motts ceaser and ponder her for a moment.  That’s a big one to bite off!  See, we are not wake-up-at-5-am-hit-the-gym sort of moms.  Nor are we the eat-vegan/organic/gluton-free/free-range ultra-healthy types.  We are the thank-god-the -kids-are-asleep-so-we-don’t-have-to-share-our-popcorn sort of moms.  We do our best, but biting off something like resolving to get in the best shape of our lives is just destined to make us feel like crap.  Seriously.  New Years is about feeling like crap! Hung over, full, tired, and with the expectation that we all have to do something BIG with our blank slate of a year.

So my response to my dear pal was “I’m going to get into the best mental shape of my life”  I really feel like that’s something I could achieve.  I almost feel like I might be half way there.  With a little mental house keeping, I hopefully will feel freer and lighter and happier. I’m going to let go of things that don’t matter, and spend energy on things that do.  I’m going to listen to my inner voice, and stop feeling guilty for what it has to say.  If it says lay on the couch and watch Dr. Phil I just may go with that.  I’m going to stop judging myself so harshly, and putting myself down for the way I feel.

So I’m not planning on loosing weight or training to run a half marathon, and briefly the old me may feel badly for that.  But I know now, that is just not me.  And that’s totally ok!   I will NOT be visiting a gym in 2016, nor will I be going gluten free.  I probably won’t pay off the balance on my credit card, or eat more greens.  But I’m ok with it.  Because I am not going to compare myself, or my goals to anyone else.  I will however continue on my journey, perfecting my warrior III pose, and strengthen my legs for sitting trot.  I will continue my blog, and honour my feelings.  I hope all these things will be enough to achieve my goal of getting into my best mental shape.

If my bestie decides to get in the best shape of her life, I will support her and cheer her on every step of her way.  I will marvel at her determination and her encourage her to keep going.  I will respect the choice she has made and be over the moon excited for her to watch her achieve it.  But I will not feel badly that her amazing goal, is different then mine.

This is me and bestie.  Christmas 1983 (I think)  I said we were old friends! You didn’t believe me?? Thanks mom for the side bangs that made my hair look like an extra long mullet.


So here’s to lowering your expectations and keeping it real in 2016. Lets set ourselves up to win instead of feeling like crap come February.




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jaymi says:

    I’m with you on th sitting trot, but I’m not learning on your bounce factory horse!
    Keep this up…love you xo


  2. Esther A Enns says:

    Thank you … Thank you … I feel as if you have also given me permission to BE ME.

    I too have always started the new year with the best of intentions … and then beat myself up for not having followed thru.

    So, with your encouraging words in mind, I will start my new year with resolutions I know I can keep by keeping it simple.

    May you feel Blessed every day … and keep up your blog.

    This one really put a smile on my face because you sound so much like the “old” me.


    Description: Exquisit Flowers 2


  3. ang says:

    Love your humour. Feel like I was there.


  4. lissyleece says:

    Me too!!!!! Xo except for the sitting trot thing. I don’t know what that is.
    Love you


    1. chickymedic says:

      It’s a million times harder then it looks xo


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