Overwhelmed would be an understatement

Um…….My last post “No I didn’t know” Has had over 90,000 views in 3 days.

Shocked Cat Face
Me, every time I see how many people have read my blog

Kitty’s face here is basically what I look like every time I log on to wordpress, or receive and email.
I am completely overwhelmed and thankful for each and every one of you that have taken the time to read my story.

I never in a million years would have thought the my simple blog, my little thoughts would have had such an impact on strangers.  It’s amazing, and empowering to have people talking about some thoughts you tossed out on the old world wide web.

I’m far from done here peeps.  I’ve had comments from literally every corner of the world, and I promise to read each and every one.  I’ve had a lot of comments of support and love and a lot of amazing stories.  It’s not easy to write your story, and I praise every one of you who did!

Hey guess what?  We are all a little messed up, it’s a syndrome called “Being Human”  And it’s totally ok!

Stay tuned my friends…I’ve got more to come.  But until then…tumblr_ni99b0CFhI1sp7hlko2_500

Who doesn’t love kitty memes?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Don says:

    your last post was really inspirational even though I am not a medic, I have had troubles getting my thoughts on paper but your post inspired me to write a poem I would like to share. You can always reach out to chat about sharing coping methods at donbrindle@hotmail.com so here is my first attempt on invisibility:

    The Power

    I began my career with an introduction to Invisibility
    Years of education on ammunition, bombs and TNT
    While the public may see wooden boxes with 1.1D
    I learned to see past the box and know their true capability

    The Power of Invisibility

    I later switched careers into the field of electricity
    Another invisible power the public never sees
    It was a new direction in life and really easy for me
    To embrace this power and see past the safe cloak of invisibility

    The Power of Invisibility

    My career would take me places I never dreamed I would be
    Some beautiful, some safe, but many a horrible memory
    As it turned out invisibility played a trick on me
    I eventually came home with PTSD

    The Power of Invisibility

    At this point it is hard for me to see
    Exactly when and where I picked up this injury
    Its led to a life of drugs, alcohol and misery
    I’ve lost family and friends over invisibility

    The Power of Invisibility

    But here is the thing, I am not alone you see
    If you look around your community
    Open your eyes and look past the invisibility
    You will see us all hiding with our PTSD

    The Power of Invisibility

    We pass by you without eye contact getting groceries
    We at cowered at home afraid of our own disability
    We rage on the road when you flip the bird at me
    We struggle with this invisible illness called PTSD

    The Power of Invisibility

    So open your eyes, research PTSD and have a read
    Give your loved one a hug or the distance they need
    Educate yourself on this horrible disability
    Help me say goodbye to the power of Invisibility


    1. chickymedic says:

      That’s powerful Don! It’s true and honest and amazing. Thank you for sharing with me and my peeps!


  2. emd145 says:

    My brother posted a link to your latest story about PTSD December 04 on my FB time line. I am a retired paramedic and emergency medical dispatcher (EMD). Your article was very, very good. The invisible onion ninjas attacked me within moments. Your head is on right and you have realized, early thankfully, that you are only human. When I started back in 1974 PTSD was unheard of and anyone daring to show emotion was scorned or thought less than capable of doing the job. Please keep up with whatever course of treatment you choose for yourself. And please if you are able stay the course. The public need paramedics like yourself out there to help us in our time of need.


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