What’s in a name?

When I’m checking out at Old Navy, the girl usually asks “would you like to leave your email address?”  And I tell her.  She says “what’s a chickymedic?”

That’s me I suppose.  I remember back in 1999, whilst learning the great wide Interweb, my now partner, helped me make a hotmail address.  The first thing that came out of my mouth was CHICKYMEDIC! He looked at me like he usually does.  igi8g6

Yup!  It’s fun and it’s professional  (well not really)  It turned into my internet thing.  Because its unique….like me.  It was 1999 and J-lo “Had my love” and I had an email address.  It was pretty cool….and it’s stuck around with me all these years.  So, it seemed like a perfect fit for this.


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  1. I miss you says:

    Lol 👍👍


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